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Blue Food Innovation Summit 2023

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Blue Food Innovation Summit 2023


The Blue Food Innovation Summit will take place on 23-24 May 2023, in London, aiming to put blue food, sustainable aquaculture, and restorative ocean practices at the heart of the global conversation.

The event brings aquaculture industry together to discuss forward-thinking approaches to aquatic food production, including sustainable aquafeed, seaweed, fish health and welfare, and digital platforms for smallholder farmers, encouraging collaboration and partnership between stakeholders across the value-chain.

The key topics to be covered are:

  • Ocean data – scaling solutions in restorative and sustainable aquaculture
  • Empowering small scale farmers
  • A restorative deep dive
  • Aquatic health and welfare
  • Expanding the horizon for RAS (recirculating aquaculture systems)
  • Blue investment
  • Sustainable aquafeed
  • Accelerating the seafood revolution
  • Unlocking blue carbon

The first annual Blue Food Innovation Summit took place last year in London, featuring in-person sessions and networking, with a live audience of 250 and a virtual streaming to a global audience of over 60 delegates online. The participants, consisting of aquaculture producers, feed specialists, technology providers, kelp farmers, investors, start-ups and retailers from 41 countries, were able to exchange ideas, share experiences and forge new partnerships to scale blue food production sustainably while protecting and restoring the oceans.

For more information and registration, please access: https://www.bluefoodinnovation.com/