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The Multiannual National Strategic Plan for Aquaculture 2021 – 2030 (Romania) has been published for public debate. The document was developed by the National Fisheries Agency and Aquaculture, following consultation with actors involved in aquaculture activities and the Advisory Committee on Fisheries of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

You can access the Multiannual National Strategic Plan for Aquaculture 2021 – 2030 at the following link:


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The third local dissemination event for stakeholders from Greece – Komotini, 9 September, 2021


The Region of Eastern Macedonia Thrace organized on Thursday, September 9, 2021 at the Chris and Eve Mansion Hotel in Komotini, the 3rd Local Dissemination Event, within the transnational project DACIAT BSB-461.

At the beginning of the event, the Deputy Head of the Development Planning Department of the AMTH Region and Project Manager Ms. Paraskevi Chouridou addressed an inaugural greeting and the representative of the Contractor Company Com n Com Roidou Konstantina presented the major deliverables and successful deliverables.
This was followed by speeches by specialized speakers on fish farming and an open discussion of companies with intervention and coordination by the expert on fish farming and aquaculture from the Region Mr. Ioannis Kyrkoudis, who also spoke about the future of the aquaculture sector. Problems have been identified, such as the reduction in the size and weight of fish and the fact that young people do not want to be involved in fishing, so the Fishermen’s average number varies with older people and people from other countries. Also, solutions and good practices from abroad were proposed and the most important findings of the 2nd local workshop with entrepreneurs on September 8 were analyzed.

Data on certification standards and breeding of various aquaculture species were provided. Also, following the 2nd local dissemination event, the problem of the intense growth of phytoplankton in the area of the Region was discussed

After the speeches, the attendees had the time to ask questions to the experts and through dialogue to give answers to the most critical problems.

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2nd Local Workshop with Entrepreneurs – Turkey-Ukraine, 8 September, 2021


The second local workshop with entrepreneurs, organized by Karadeniz Technical University – Faculty of Marine Sciences (Turkey) and the Agency of Sustainable Development and European Integration “Lower Danube” Euroregion (Ukraine), was held on 8 September 2021 as a hybrid event: in physical (Basarabia Hotel, Izmail, Ukraine) and online format, via zoom.

After welcoming speeches Coordinators Igor Babaian and Ertug Duzgunes gave brief information about current state of fisheries and aquaculture in the both countries. Stakeholders from Ukraine stated their needs about crayfish and sturgeon culture.

Due to the information given during the study visit paid on 26-27 August in Izmail town, KTU team invited 2 experts from other universities and farmers who have production trials on these two species. Experts provided brief information about culture methods from eggs to market size, challenges and advantages using different species from the same families. At present crayfish farming is carried out in Central Anatolia and Mediterranean coast while sturgeon culture is performed in two farms in Samsun and one in Keban Dam (Elazığ).

The fish health insurance system in Turkey, risk types under the coverage and the support systems of the Union and Chamber of Trade and Industry for fish farmers were also presented.

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2nd Local Workshop with Entrepreneurs – Romania-Greece, 8 September, 2021


On September 8th 2021, the project partners from Romania (Danube Delta National Institute for Research and Development, Fishing Areas Federation, Association of Cross-border Cooperation “Lower Danube Euroregion”) and Greece (Region of East Macedonia and Thrace) hosted the 2nd local workshop with entrepreneurs.

The workshop took place in 4 locations, 3 of them being in Romania (Tulcea, Braila and Galati) and one in Greece, connected to each other online through the Zoom platform.

The main topics of the workshop included the presentation of the DACIAT project (objectives, activities and results achieved) as well as the status of the aquaculture sector in Romania and Greece and the Virtual Center of Competences in Aquaculture (AVCC) developed by the project consortium. The open-access platform provides aquaculture SMEs/entrepreneurs  and all those interested in developing an aquaculture business, useful information, templates, useful links to various institutions’ website, news and periodical newsletters, as well as good practices examples from DACIAT partners countries.

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The third local dissemination event for stakeholders from Turkey – 31 July, 2021


The 3rd local dissemination event from Turkey was organised on the 31st of July. Participation to the 3rd meeting was less than the expectations due to several reasons: being in summer holiday season after so boring lock downs and due to intensive workload for exporters harvesting fish from net cages, freezing, cold storage and logistics from processing plants to transfer products with cold cold chain, and moreover custom processes for export.

The meeting was carried out over Zoom with the participation of Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry and Head of Fisheries and Aquaculture Section from the same Directorate, Eastern Black Sea Exporter Union, Trabzon Chamber of Trade and Industry, Trabzon Union of Fish Farmers and representatives of Fish Farming Companies.

There were several important items in the agenda of the event: activities completed during the implementation period and ongoing ones till the last day of the project; considerations about the 1st Local Workshop between Greece and Turkey; according to the impressions gained from this meeting what the expectations are from the 2nd Local Workshop between Turkey and Ukraine which will be held in near future; state of aquaculture and exports during the recent period of Covid-19 pandemics.

The feedback from the stakeholders of the aquaculture sector is very positive and the same expectations are considered for the meeting between the entrepreneurs from Turkey and Ukraine.

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The second local dissemination event for stakeholders from Greece – 14 July, 2021


The 2nd Local Dissemination Event was organized by representatives from the Region of Eastern Macedonia (Greece) and Thrace on Wednesday 14 July 2021 at Chris and Eve Mansion Hotel in Komotini.

The Dissemination Event was attended by representatives of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, as well as people active in the field of aquaculture in the wider region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

The event started with a presentation of the DACIAT project, followed by speeches by specialized speakers on fish farming issues and an open discussion of the companies followed with the intervention and coordination of the expert in fish farming and aquaculture from the Region, Mr. Ioannis Kyrkoudis. The problems identified were presented, as well as solutions and good practices from abroad by the other partners. Issues such as compensation for natural disasters, the future of the aquaculture sector, opportunities through European programs and proposed collaborations were analyzed. Various proposals were made for experimental shellfish cultivation in lagoons-restoration of natural populations, in collaboration with educational institutions.

After the speeches, the attendees had time to ask questions to the experts.

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1st Local Workshop with Entrepreneurs – Turkey-Greece, 13 July, 2021


The first local workshop between Turkey and Greece, organized by Karadeniz Technical University – Faculty of Marine Sciences (Turkey) and Region of East Macedonia and Thrace (Greece), was held on 13 July 2021 as a hybrid event: in physical and online format. All Turkish and some Greek stakeholders participated online and some others personally at the meeting room at the venue in Komotini, organised by the REMTH.

There was a wide range of participants representing fish, shellfish, seaweed and algae culture,  traders, exporters, processors and representatives of public authorities, local administrations, service providers and NGO’s.

After formal opening and welcoming speeches, participants introduced themselves to the others to let everyone know ”who is who”. Brief information was given by each of the participants about their field of interest in the aquaculture industry in the Black Sea and REMTH.

The main topics of the workshop included the status of fisheries and aquaculture and good practices in Turkey and Greece.

Both partners also gave brief information about the research activities carried out in the research institutes and universities as unique sources for education and training by giving graduates to serve the aquaculture industry.

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Fish Farming and Aquaculture study programme – Romania


The Faculty of Food Science and Engineering within the University „Dunarea de Jos Galati” has started the registrations for the Fish Farming and Aquaculture study programme.

The admission process is based on application file. Applications can be submitted during 12-20 July 2021.

The final average for admission is calculated from:

• 50% – average score from the baccalaureate exam;

• 50% – multiannual average score in one of the disciplines of Algebra/Chemistry/Biology, at the candidate’s choice.

Registration can be done online. More details are available at:



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The third local dissemination event for stakeholders from Romania – Braila, 12 July, 2021


The third local dissemination event for stakeholders from Romania was organized by the Fisheries Areas Federation (FAF) on the 12th of July 2021, in Braila.

The aim of the event was to identify and integrate relevant stakeholders in the project implementation process, for consultation and feedback on major deliverables and outputs achieved.

The main topics of the event included a general presentation of the project DACIAT BSB-461 (project partners, general and specific objectives, activities), the main results and outputs achieved so far and future activities, the Aquaculture Virtual Centre of Competences (AVCC) and the status of the aquaculture sector in Romania.

The participants included representatives of local public authorities, regional public authorities, business support organizations, sectoral agencies, NGOs, fisheries and aquaculture organizations. The event concluded with a session of questions and answers.

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EUMOFA Study: Freshwater Aquaculture in the EU


The European Market Observatory for Fisheries and Aquaculture Products (EUMOFA) published the study “Freshwater aquaculture in the EU”, which presents an overview of the sector and examines its socio-economic importance and the markets for its products, as well as its economic performance and level of innovation. The study also provides an overview of the environmental benefits linked to some types of freshwater aquaculture and its strong impact on local communities and an assessment of possibilities for development.

You can access the study at the following link: