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Outputs and results


Result 1: Improved knowledge on aquaculture sector in all partner regions with strengths, weaknesses, challenges and development opportunities identified.

Result 2: Increased networking activities aimed at increasing aquaculture SMEs’ capacities.

Result 3: Increased use of ICT tools in the Black Sea cooperation area by setting-up an Aquaculture Virtual Centre of Competences.

Result 4: Enhanced dialogue between key stakeholders of the aquaculture system

Result 5: Improved local, regional and national level policies in the field of aquaculture will be achieved through wider local dissemination activities and elaboration of a Policy Paper with concrete recommendations to improve aquaculture regulatory framework.


60 enterprises participating in crossborder agricultural or agro- industrial business events (COI3)

1 ICT based tools developed supporting cross-border cooperation (COI29) increasing ross-border trade opportunities for agricultural and agroindustrial products: Aquaculture Virtual Center of Competences

Organisation of local dissemination events

Participation in project-related events

Completion of cooperation agreements to ensure project sustainability

Elaboration of common Policy Recommendation Paper

Consolidated Report on State of the Art Analyses in the field of aquaculture