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“The EU Fish Market” 2023 Edition

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“The EU Fish Market” 2023 Edition


The European Market Observatory for Fisheries and Aquaculture Products (EUMOFA) published the 2023 edition of the report “The EU fish market”, which aims to provide an economic description of the whole European fisheries and aquaculture industry.

The report is based on data available as of September 2023 and it provides answers to questions such as what is produced/exported/imported, when and where, what is consumed, by whom and what are the main trends. A comparative analysis allows to assess the performance of fishery and aquaculture products in the EU market compared with other food products. 

The publication is available at the following address: https://www.eumofa.eu/documents/20178/566349/EFM2023_EN.pdf/95612366-79d2-a4d1-218b-8089c8e7508c?t=1699541180521