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Funding Opportunity: Access to Aquaculture Research Infrastructures

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Funding Opportunity: Access to Aquaculture Research Infrastructures


Application is open for AQUAEXCEL3.0 TransNational Access programme, that offers access to 40 research infrastructures, with experimental costs, travel and subsistence covered by AQUAEXCEL3.0.

Applications for Transnational Access can be made at any time (continuously open call).

The AQUAEXCEL3.0 project unites major aquaculture experimental facilities with capacity to undertake experimental trials on a selection of commercially important aquaculture species and system types.

Transnational Access involves a research group in one country collaborating with one or more AQUAEXCEL3.0 Infrastructures that are located in a different country to the applicant, and which offer facilities and expertise not available in their own country. The collaboration normally takes the form of one or more scientists from the applicant organisation visiting the selected AQUAEXCEL3.0 installation to undertake research work there for up to 3 months. In some cases, remote access is also available (where the applicant is not present for some or all of the experimental period at the installation).

Expected projects can involve research on any of the available aquatic species at the selected research infrastructure.

All work must be completed by 31.10.2025.

Priority will be given to proposals submitted by a single researcher or by research groups where the group leader and a majority of group members are affiliated to institutions or laboratories (public or private) from European member or Associated States (Iceland, Norway, Albania. Bosnia and Herzegovina, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Israel, Moldova, Switzerland, Faroe Islands, Ukraine, Tunisia, Georgia and Armenia), which are different from the State where the selected Research Infrastructure is located. A maximum of 20% of TNA projects may involve applicants from third countries (i.e. outside the EU or Associated States).

Applications must be prepared and submitted via the TNA online application system at https://apply.aquaexcel.eu/submit-proposal/.

More information available at: https://aquaexcel.eu/transnational-access/